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No matter how good your sales team is, nor how much success your company currently achieves, by investing in B2B sales training, you will see an increase in revenue. It really is that easy! Even simple training can unlock new levels of skill and ability in employees and better focus your team on achieving company goals.

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Too often, training is seen as an annoyance or a frustrating distraction from “real work.” But if you want to see an improvement in sales results, B2B sales training is how you can achieve it. The trick is to find the right fit for your team and company.

Here’s what you should look for in B2B sales training to improve your sales results.


Tailored Training

When it comes to B2B sales training, one size will never fit all. Even within the same industry, every business is managed just a little bit differently. Everyone has a different focus, different business needs, different goals, and different challenges. Is your team compromised of professional selling veterans who know all the old tricks and are looking to update their skills to sell to the modern buyer? Do you have a predominantly young staff, fresh out of school?

There are many different variables that make your company and sales team unique. By getting tailored training, you can ensure the training helps you see real results.


Look for Your Learning Needs First

Once you know you can get tailored training—how do you know what to tailor for? That’s a great question, and one the best training services will help you with. Analyzing what your team needs out of training is an important part of knowing how best to fit training into your organization.

At the same time, by assessing what skills or processes you need to cover first, you can establish metrics by which to assess whether or not goals were achieved once training is over.


A Plan for Tomorrow

Training is essential, but it does not work as a magic bullet on all its own. Once training is complete, your company needs a plan to implement the learnings into the work your staff does. That’s probably the number-one complaint from managers—after training, nothing changes. The reason is usually that there was no plan to transfer the learning to the workplace.

If you’re in the market for B2B sales training, you need to look for trainers who can demonstrate how the skills, processes, and knowledge should be implemented after training is over and it’s time to go back into the selling world.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your role in the success of training as well. You need to reinforce ideas and commit to a plan of implementation. Consider attending the training yourself and plan for follow-ups at team meetings to discuss how tactics have been implemented.

B2B sales training is important, even if your team is on fire and closing deals left and right. Current success does not assume later success. But with the right training to understand why a team is succeeding, you can continue to replicate the results well into the future.


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Tim is a Sales Optimizer at Rooney Earl and has been helping businesses accelerate their growth and build sustainable sales processes for the past 10 years. As a high impact sales coach and consultant, Tim has worked as the CEO of several high profile companies in Canada, Brazil, and South Africa. His CEO background means that he rapidly reads the big picture of his clients' situation and quickly makes the right recommendations for success. Tim represents the highly acclaimed Sandler Sales System that helps his clients form lasting, productive relationships with their customers. In addition to his training and coaching, Tim is a sought-after speaker and facilitator on a variety of topics that include “How to Run a Successful Change Management Program” and “Leadership & Team Motivation for the 21st Century.”
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