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Struggling to grow your revenue and improve your ROI? Many new startups and entrepreneurs face the challenge of building a brand, and ultimately fall short because they are unable to effectively market and sell. There is much you can learn from B2B sales training. Especially as a startup, have a sales background and training can be key to a successful start to your company.

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A strong sales training program can help your company achieve incremental revenue growth and maximize sales by integrating your inbound marketing and sales efforts. Here are three lessons you can learn from hiring a B2B sales training enablement service.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the sales process that involves identifying and cultivating prospective customers. You can determine a lead as a business or individual who has expressed an interest in your business’s product and services by sharing their contact information with you. In other words, instead of going through a cold call list you can leverage a contact list of business and organization that have opened communication with you.

A B2B sales training can teach you the essentials in the best practices for your lead generation strategy. Strategies typically involve gathering contacts by offering quality content in exchange for their contact information.


Networking is key! Connect with as many authentic and genuine prospects as you can and express your authenticity in return. Demonstrating your credibility and technical skills among the community and businesses will help get your foot in the door. Once people know who you are, they are more likely to seek out you and your specific services.

The activity helps to further develop your lead generation work and sales prospecting process. It also reduces the need for the less savory sales practices such as intrusive cold calling, investing in expensive junk mail, and drafting emails that get filed in a spam folder.

Social Listening and Selling

Social selling is the activity of sales teams communicating with prospects and businesses through social media and other digital avenues. Salespeople can use social media to interact directly with prospects by answering questions and concerns, resolving issues, and taking part in thoughtful conversations. Through social media, a business is able to leverage social networking to build relationships.

Selling starts with listening to your prospects. To be effective, your social media feeds shouldn’t be used simply as an amplification device, but rather something that you leverage to listen and engage with audiences. You can use social listening tools to track conversations and issues that other businesses take part in.

Modern Marketing

A B2B sales training program can also offer insights into modern marketing. The marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past decade. As technology grows exponentially, digital marketing is becoming the new norm for B2B and B2C sales. Staying on top of ever-changing marketing trends can be a challenge, but a sales training course can help your company develop fresh, innovative ideas for selling B2B.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

A B2B sales training program will offer education in understanding buying processes and behaviors. Understanding the buyer’s journey is vital for a strong sales team. Your sales process will be heavily dependent on the basis of your buyer’s persona and buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey is the research process a person goes through from awareness of the need or want your business serves to the decision of whether or not to purchase. A buyer persona is an audience profile that details your target’s demographics, psychographics and buying behaviours.

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