Did you know that 87% of the terms that sales and marketing teams use to describe each other are negative?

It's statistics like this that underscore the need for immediate change in organizations. As prospects increasingly research business solutions online, marketing information replaces the upfront conversations sales people used to have with clients and prospects. The sales and marketing process has become one tightly bound continuum, requiring full alignment between disciplines.

RE&P was founded to help companies achieve that alignment and build maximum revenue from increased lead generation, greater marketing impact, and higher close rates. We make this happen by leveraging the right training, tools, and knowledge to keep you at the leading edge of today's reality.


We help you nail the sales and marketing strategies that will take your company to the next level by:

  • Differentiating your company from the competition
  • Retaining and growing your account base
  • Determining whether to grow locally, geographically, or into a new vertical
  • Defining and gaining ideal clients
  • Ensuring you have a solid client base that isn't dependent on one or two key people
  • Fully aligning sales with marketing
  • Fully aligning sales strategy with compensation
  • Creating inbound web-based lead generation strategies
  • Determening your social media strategy

Here's what Rooney Earl and Partners can do for you

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Sales Training

We use a highly effective sales training methodology to help salespeople and sales managers maximize sales.

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Sales Enablement

The sales person's role has changed and we have the tools to help you adapt to the new way customers buy.

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Inbound Marketing

Outbound sales tactics are no longer effective. Learn about the future of selling: inbound marketing.

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